Vein Treatments

O’Donnell Vein and Medical Spa offers state-of -the -art treatment for varicose and spider veins in the comfort of our offices on Kent Island and Easton.

Varicose Veins and Chronic Venous Insufficiency are treated with endovenous ablation techniques such as:
  • Venefit  tm Closure ( previously termed VNUS Closure)
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT)
  • Clarivein
Vein treatment, once considered complex and painful, can now be performed with relative ease. Patients no longer need to suffer from the discomfort caused by venous insufficiency including heaviness, aching, swelling, itching, cramping and restless legs. Today’s treatment is minimally invasive and relatively pain free. During your initial visit, we will use ultrasound imaging and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition to create the best treatment  option for you.


Spider Veins

The gold standard for treatment of spider veins in the legs is sclerotherapy. These small vessels are effectively injected with irritants called sclerosants, and the vessels will gradually disappear. We are focused on the best possible cosmetic results and multiple treatments are usually required for optimal results. Sclerotherapy is also very effective for reducing small varicosities on the legs, protuberant breast veins resulting for breast implantation,  and the large, tortuous veins on the back of the hands.


Spider veins and laser therapy

When the spider veins in the legs are too small to inject and look like a red bruise, laser treatment will provide additional cosmetic satisfaction. In addition, unsightly veins in the face are effectively reduced with laser therapy, performed regularly at O’Donnell Vein and Medical Spa.

Our vein treatment procedures are performed by a board certified vein specialist, Dr. Kelly O’Donnell. After our vein treatments, you will experience a reduction of pain and discomfort and enjoy excellent cosmetic results.